Oopt/MMD cast, by Lisa Lees  

About table talk

The 'table talk' strips had their beginning in the Multiple Muse Disorder segment of Lisa's Out of phase tomboy web comic, which was a wild, rambling autobiographical fantasy that Lisa rarely has energy to work on any longer. Though the cast is the same, the focus here is on the mundane business of coping with life as a wilted flower child.

Lisa (light brown hair and wrinkles) is an aging baby boomer. Risa (pink hair) and Resu (dark brown hair) are Lisa's two imaginary muses. You can find Oopt:MMD from the front page of lisalees.com if you're interested, along with more information about Lisa, Risa and Resu than you may want to know.

Lisa turned sixty-five in 2017; she isn't adjusting easily to being an elder freak. "It's like, wow, deja vu, man! When I was in high school I wrote a report on the generation gap and it was like, wow, it's all happened before! And this being old stuff—it's happened to other people! What a trip! Blow my mind! Can you believe Trump is POTUS? I mean, like, I lived through Nixon, and Reagan; why Trump? Why? And a global pandemic? Freak me out!"

Ahem. Yeah, death and taxes. This table talk strip was drawn in February 2012 when Lisa learned that two former friends would no longer be paying taxes.

Art by Lisa Lees

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